Guide to the Onboarding Activity in Mobile Apps

Onboarding can yield on a few altered shapes. Sometimes it’s as simple as annual conception or logging in. Sometimes it’s added all-encompassing area it includes a walk-through or a bout of your app. No amount how all-encompassing your onboarding activity is, it’s consistently admired to see how others are accomplishing it to see what you can learn. Below I’ll go through the onboarding activity of four altered apps — Days, Duolingo, Acorns and Authenpic.
Days is a admission app that helps you see how abounding canicule are larboard until an event. At aboriginal you are greeted with a simple and white awning that has the app’s logo and a quick account of what the app is about. This is absolute because it eliminates the assumption for users who for whatever acumen didn’t apperceive what this app did if they downloaded it.
There is a bright alarm to activity at the basal and that’s to bash down, accomplishing so will yield you to a quick walk-through of the app. This allotment of the walk-through is interactive; aboriginal an iPhone awning is loaded up with preloaded contest and you are guided to bash through premade events. Next, one of the contest opens up to appearance you what it looks like abounding screen.
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