Thinking Like An App Designer

Apple WatchThere’s added to designing adaptable apps than meets the eye. The assignment requires a abysmal ability of devices, and it generally agency alteration the way we anticipate — even if that agency abrogation abaft abundant of what we’ve abstruse from designing for the web.
I started my career like abounding designers: alive on book architecture projects. Shortly thereafter, I apparent the apple of websites, which absorbed me and became the focus of my plan for some time. Along the way I abstruse concepts accompanying to alternation architecture and user experience, which I hardly knew existed until then.
At some point I acquainted ashore in a affectionate of repetitive plan cycle: I had begin a formula, an about answerable way of designing, that enabled me to bear anniversary new activity added calmly and bound than anytime before, but in some way or another, all of the designs looked similar. It was again that the aboriginal versions of iOS and Android were released.
Thereafter, searching for a animation of beginning air, my activity took an abrupt turn, absorption me on something that seemed absolutely different: adaptable app design. That was what I needed, a absolute challenge. I not alone had to apprentice new things, but somehow had to overlook allotment of that bewitched compound for designing websites that I had been application till then.
A few years afterwards that aha moment, just canicule ago in fact, the architecture association met the barrage of new apps for Apple’s smartwatch with alloyed emotions. On the one hand, seeing a accessory that offers a apple of new architecture possibilities is exciting. On the other, the claiming of compassionate a average with aberrant interactions and use cases is daunting.
It’s not the aboriginal time we’ve apparent a accessory like this on the market. But as new technologies that crave new architecture approaches arise added and added frequently, we will accept to acclimate at an added quicker rate.
Of course, the aboriginal big advance came about 20 years ago, with all-over Internet access, which ushered in the aboriginal websites. Afore then, a lot of designers, like me, focused on print, and the accession of the Internet appropriate us to apprentice how to architecture for an alternate medium. The user had become abundant added than just a spectator.
The alteration was harder for some than for others, and that’s why so abounding websites of the time looked like signs with buttons on them — designers didn’t anon accept the characteristics of this new medium.
The aforementioned affair is accident today with apps. One generally comes beyond applications that attending like mini-websites: They’re complete as web pages “translated” for smartphones, and in turn, they abort with contrast, chantry size, blow targets and gestures. They aswell absence the mark with who will be application the app, area and on what devices.
When designing for mobile, artifice from a web anatomy is acute because it can plan adjoin us. We accept to face projects with a altered mentality and absolutely appreciate the adaptable accessories in adjustment to yield abounding advantage of them and bear adorable experiences.
So, what do you charge in adjustment to be an app designer? Beyond ability and tools, you charge to change the way you think. Below are a few recommendations for adapting to the apple of app design.
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